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📣 📣 📣 What is the role of independent media? – A talk with Emin Milli, the managing director of Meydan Tv.

Followed by a jam session organised by Jamal Ali. 🎶

Berlin, 2013: Meydan Tv was founded – an Azerbaijani independent non-profit media organisation.
It gained prominence for its reports and online broadcasts on corruption, human rights and other issues in Azerbaijan, which have been used by the international media. The word “Meydan” means “town square” in Azerbaijan.

Emin Mille is one of the Meydan founders and its managing director. He is a writer, human rights activist and dissident from Azerbaijan, and lives in exile in Germany. 🌏

The talk with Emin Milli, facilitated by Rasha Hilwi, a writer, cultural journalist, cultural manager and DJ from Palestine, will highlight the meaning of independent media and discover in depth the following questions: How can independent media exist these days within the global political context? Can an independent media platform with a focus on a region exist in its own region, or only in exile? What is the relation of independent media platforms and the funds they receive? How can journalists or media makers from similar or close political contexts to Azerbaijan learn from Meydan’s ongoing experience? The talk will include more stories and thoughts from the Meydan Tv experience and the work that Emin Mille will share that night. 🎙💬

The event will continue with a musical jam session organised by Jamal Ali, a musician as well as one of the co-founders and a staff member of Meydan Tv. 🎻🎺🎸🥁

Admission is free – donations are welcome! 💰