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Nyege Tapes w/ Otim Alpha (live), Bamba Pana & Makaveli (live)

Uganda’s Nyege Nyege Tapes is one of the most exciting platforms for contemporary electronic music from African countries. With its „Sounds of Sisso“ compilation and subsequent releases it has brought super-fast-paced Tanzanian Singeli breakbeat music to the world. And it has done the same with the electrified version of Ugandan Acholi wedding music. Tonight two of their most prolific acts grace Berlin with their mesmerizing live performances.

Otim Alpha (Kampala, Uganda – live)
Bamba Pana & Makaveli (Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania – live)
Dj Diamondog (Berlin/Angola – DJ)
Zu 55 (Paris/ Berlin)
Florian Sievers (Bomayé! – DJ)

Otim Alpha together with his early producer Leo Palayeng began in 2001 taking traditional Acholi ‚Larakaraka‘ wedding songs and reinterpreting them with music software on computers. The results are a fast paced poly-rhythmic music ready for dance floor madness. Used to be a wedding ceremony leader. It was his duty to involve everybody in the room in his performances & make them go mad.

Bamba Pana is one of the core producers, alongside Jay Mitta and Sisso himself, of the Sisso studio – a central hub for MCs and producers of the Singeli scene in the Mburahati ghetto on the outskirts of Dar Es Salaam. Along with his peers, Bamba Pana uses a laptop and software to update the local, usually acoustic and instrumental style of Singeli, computerizing its hyper rhythms and zinging melodies for the needs of younger, contemporary crowds in an upfront, direct way that has translated far beyond its East African roots.

Aftershow Party:
Zu 55 (Paris/ Berlin)
Dj Diamondog (Berlin/ Angola)
Florian Sievers (Bomayé)

Friday 22.03.2019 – 10pm.
YAAM Berlin
An der Schillingbrücke 3; 10243 Berlin
AK 15,-

Präsentiert von: YAAM/ Digital in Berlin