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**********Free Workshops / Record and Present your Story**********

LGBTI* Refugee? Want to learn radio and podcast production techniques? Make connections and make a difference? Want to present your work in Berlin and Amsterdam? Sign up today! (just send us a message!)

Get FREE professional workshops (with coaches from Amsterdam and Berlin) in story-telling, radio production and radio engineering, voice techniques, and attend events and broadcast your work in Berlin and Amsterdam!

The project includes a dinner on Tuesday to meet the other participants and coachers, includes lunch each day, and cultural events such as attending film festival screenings, and is combined with a team of queer refugees coming from Amsterdam.

Your work will be presented on Saturday evening!
Berlin Live Presentation! Queer Faces, Migrant Voices

You can also attend the Berlin Premiere of ‚Mr. Gay Syria‘
Mr. Gay Syria (Berlin Premiere)


QUEER FACES; MIGRANT VOICES is a German-Dutch cooperation project for young lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans * and/or intersex (LGBTI *) refugees who have recently come to Germany or the Netherlands. Many of them have fled discrimination, war or lack of prospects and have decided to leave their homes to find a better life elsewhere. Our project is for those of you who question your sexual identity, sometimes because of your education, sometimes because of religious or other reasons. In addition to this inner disruption, they are confronted with a completely new environment: a new country, a different language, different customs and habits. Thus young LGBTI refugees in particular are exposed to an identity crisis in two ways and often question themselves and/or their surroundings.

Our project is dedicated to these people and gives them the space and voice to deal with their cultural, sexual and religious identity. Coaches help participants with technical and personal questions: Where is my home? Is this the land I was born in but had to flee, or is this new land my home? What role do I play, what is my origin? What power do I have over my future? These questions become stories that bring participants together in a narrative mosaic. The young refugees then have the opportunity to share their experience and thoughts on international platforms such as festivals, websites, a podcast channel and various radio stations.