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Baynatna. The Arabic Library
in ZLB (Berliner Stadtbibliothek, Breite Straße 30)

Presents „The suitcase“ – a poetry-music performance by Fady Jomar and Zainab Alsawah with „MATAR Band “ . Followed by Q&A :

– Why we need an Arabic Library in Berlin ?
with Ali Hasan and Ines Kappert.

The performance is in Arabic/German.

Matar Band

MATAR, the Arabic name of ‚Rain‘, it started when the Syrian percussionist Ali Hasan and Oud player Nabil Arbain have met in 2015 through their waiting time in a refugees camp in Frankfurt Oder, later on they started to play traditional Arabic music and composed music by Nabil, they started mixing classical western music with new rhythms from their region to create kind of new identity.
2017 Simon Schmidt joined the group with his guitar, vocal and his electronic world, Simon brought with him a new flavor to the group with an original western spirit, afterward middle of 2018 The amazing violinist Alaa Aboud who graduated from al baath music university in syria joined as a guest, together with Elias Abu Assali on his bass guitar they turned the band into another level of professionality and went deeper into the music space.
MATAR is a package of different musical backgrounds touched by Berlin vibes.

See you!